Monday, September 20, 2010

Vegas Vacation!

I went to Las Vegas for Labor Day weekend with my dear friend Amanda. We had such a fun time!!!! I LOVE being with my family and I cry every time I leave them!

Highlight of the trip- seeing Le Reve at the Wynn!! Such an amazing show! Amanda and I sat in our seats for like half an hour after the show ended because we were just amazed!

Waking up to these cute kids every morning- you just can't beat that!!
Bath time! Molly is one of the happiest babies I've ever met in my life!! She smiles at EVERYTHING!!!!
Hanging out at Steve's house after he got called into the bishopric! I love my oldest brother so much!! What an amazing dude!! Steve, you're the best!
Reason he's the best, we both have flies on our key rings. Fly fishing runs in the Fife blood!

First tye-dye shirt I've ever made in my life... Dude I'm a freakin natural!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Island Park- the greatest place on the earth!

I went up to my cabin in Island Park, ID a few weeks ago for a family reunion and it was one of the funnest weeks I've had up there! We did so many fun things- the week was packed with nonstop action!

This was one of my favorite pictures from the week. Papa moose just loved our lawn!
4 wheeling- always awesome!
Survivor, Fife style! This was so much fun- the whole extended Fife family split up into 3 teams: Moose, Fish, and Canoe, and we competed in about 5 different events. It was so much fun and brought everyone together because there was a job for everyone.

This was the event I participated in- it was a relay where a little kid had to catch a fish, put it in a ziploc bag and run about 25 yards. Then they handed the bag off to me, I had to put it in my mouth and grab my tube, run up this little stream for about 15 yards then come back down and slap the next kid's hand and do it all over again. It was so tiring but soooo funny! This is a picture of me coming in 1st! yeah baby! BUT about 4 seconds after this picture was taken, my brother (who was on another team) came and tackled me, trying to get me to lose! Little cheater! haha! But we still won! The last part of this event was that the dads had to drink the fish... who came up with that idea?

These 2 moose hung out right in front of our cabin the whole week! We saw them every day around the same time. It was so awesome! They are so much fun to watch!
We got hooked on playing horseshoe. Greatest game to pass the time.
I always LOVE hanging out with my sissy. She is the BEST!!!
A few days after I opened my mission call we went down to Idaho Falls and I went through the temple! It was so amazing!!! The Idaho Falls Temple was so beautiful! Going through with most of my family there was so special!
Of course we floated the River. You can't go up to the cabin and not do that! Dave and Becky's canoe flipped! They had Suzie, Ben and 10 month old Molly with them! Disaster! But everyone was ok.
And last but certainly not least, we became trappers on this trip. You could kind of smell skunk around our cabin so my dad called this guy to come bring some traps for us to set up so we could get rid of the stinky guy. We never got the skunk but we caught about 9 squirrels...
...and a raccoon!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life's a Garden, DIG IT!!!

Last summer my friends across the street planted a garden in their backyard. They just had zucchini and tomatoes and they were so good! I've never eaten so much zucchini bread in my life! It seemed like they had so much fun throughout the summer working on their garden and I wanted to be apart of it!

So this summer I've helped out a little bit with the garden and it has been so fun! We have way more variety in the garden this summer too! Zucchini, tomato, cucumber, corn, pumpkin, watermelon, bell pepper, and herbs. AWESOME!!!
Giant Pumpkin plant- Chris is wanting to enter the pumpkins into a competition!
Baby corn!! 2 days old. Darling!
2 months later- corn ready for picking!
Zucchini ready for some yummy bread

Moral of the story is:

Friday, July 9, 2010

I am #1 (Nelly Reference)

I just have to brag for a little bit! So I started working at Tucano's about a month ago and it has been such a fun job! I've met so many cool people and it has been just awesome. Yesterday I worked the night shift and guess what, I was the TOP SERVER OF THE NIGHT!!!! I can't believe that I made more in tips than all of the other servers! I had some really great tables and I was having such a fun time and it really showed when I got my tips at the end of the night! Best part of being the top server, my manager gave me a free dessert! Woohoo!!! I brought home the white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake and shared it with my roommates. Sooooooo delicious!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This was my day:
woke up, read my scriptures, ate breakfast, studied some stuff for work, went to work at 10:15am, got home from work at 10:30pm....... awesome

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My brother, Dave, sent our family this email yesterday and I think it's the funniest story ever:

I just put Ben down for the night and he had something really important to tell me. He was real intense and said ... "Dad, Dad ... hot dog fixes Jesus". I said "Ben ... what did you say?" He said it 2 or 3 more times ... "Hot dog fixes Jesus." We barbecued hot dogs earlier in the day, so I thought he was talking about our lunch. I kept asking him about hot dogs and he was getting a little frustrated. I asked Jackson to help me understand and we both listened again ... "hot dog fixes Jesus". He started to say it real slow, but he was pointing to his forehead. I called Becky and in and she listened a few times and couldn't figure it out. Finally after a few minutes and having him say it over and over, Jackson figured out he was pointing to where he had stitches ... he was saying ... "Uncle Doug fix the stitches". We listened again and it sounded exactly like "hot dog fixes Jesus". We were all cracking up and Ben thought he was so funny. Becky recorded it on her iPhone ... was asked him to say "Uncle Doug fix the stitches" and "Hot dog fixes Jesus" and it sounded EXACTLY the same. Funny kid.